valentine's gift guide

This Valentine's Day, plusOne invites you to celebrate love and desire with our exclusive collection of sex toys. Whether for solo exploration or couple's play, our sex toy selection, from the iconic Magic Wand vibrator to the tantalizing butt plug, is crafted to enhance every sensation and deepen your connection.

A Symphony of Sensation
Indulge in the art of pleasure with our diverse range of toys. Experience precision clitoral stimulation with our compact bullet vibrators, or explore shared ecstasy with couple-friendly toys designed to intensify every touch. For those seeking adventure, our anal play options and G-spot stimulators promise uncharted realms of pleasure.

Innovations for Ecstasy
Our best sex toys feature varied vibration patterns and intensity levels, ensuring a unique journey to climax. Waterproof and crafted from body-safe materials, they're perfect for any scenario you desire. Plus, enhance your experience with temperature play items and massage candles, adding an exhilarating layer of excitement to every encounter.

Embrace Self-Love and Shared Passion
This February 14th, embrace the spirit of the occasion. Treat yourself to self-discovery with our solo toys or connect on a deeper level with couple's options. Each toy is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and an exhilarating sex life.

Discover the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift of Intimacy and Sensation
Choose plusOne this Valentine's Day for gifts that resonate with pleasure, intimacy, and unforgettable experiences. Dive into a world of sensation, exploration, and ultimate satisfaction with our meticulously curated sex toys. Elevate your celebration of love with plusOne, where every moment is a journey to ecstasy.