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Rose vibrator

By Claire Perelman, LCSW and Sex Therapist


Did you know that 81% of women do not experience orgasm from internal penetration alone?

More often, women experience orgasm with clitoral stimulation; an absolute specialty of the plusOne rose arouser. This clitoral-specific sexual wellness device can be used in the shower, bath, or bedroom, making it an easy addition to anyone’s sexual experience. As a Sex Therapist, I encourage all my clients to explore what sensations feel best for them during solo or partnered sex, and the rose arouser can be used during both!

plusOne’s rose arouser has 2 primary stimulating functions: 1) a pulsing center which targets clitoral euphoria and 2) five thin, vibrating petals providing additional sensations around the clitoris. Offering 10 different vibration settings, ninety minutes of battery life, and super soft body-safe silicone – this device is the gold standard for achieving clitoral stimulation. Additionally, the rose is designed to be discreet so that you can keep your private life, well…private!

This beautiful device creates an environment where clitoral stimulation is celebrated and easy to access. If you have been struggling with experiencing orgasm through internal stimulation, I highly recommend trying out plusOne’s rose arouser!