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luxe dual massager

By Claire Perelman, Sex Therapist


Have you ever had a G-spot orgasm? Would you like to?

Every orgasm is different, and plusOne’s luxe dual massager makes sure to hit every potential sweet spot. As a Sex Therapist, I highly suggest adding masturbation into your self-care routine, for a variety of reasons! In clinical studies conducted by plusOne, after masturbating and reaching orgasm, women reported an increase in feelings of contentment, a decrease in irritability, and even brighter looking skin! Who doesn’t want that?

Sometimes reaching orgasm can feel a bit out of reach, and that is why I love incorporating sexual wellness toys into my masturbation routine! There can seem like an overwhelming number of toys to choose from, and that’s okay! I suggest plusOne’s luxe dual massager for those that are looking for a variety of sensations, with full customizability of settings. For those that enjoy both clitoral and internal stimulation, this massager makes sure to incorporate both. What sets it apart, however, is the G-spot massager that includes 5 different stroking motions – this will target all three of those erogenous zones to help you feel the most pleasure possible. To add to its versatility, it is completely waterproof – which means you can enjoy in bed, in the shower, or in the bath.

This massager can help you experience a new kind of orgasm! If you are looking to switch up your masturbation routine, or add to your collection of plusOne toys, I absolutely recommend plusOne’s luxe dual massager. You deserve it.