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By Claire Perelman, Sex Therapist


When I check my purse for a night at my partner’s, I always make sure I have the essentials – wallet, keys, lipstick, and a sexual wellness device! But not all sexual wellness devices are easy to transport or discreet, and that’s why I love traveling with plusOne’s vibrating bullet.

At 3 inches and made with super soft silicone, the vibrating bullet is one of my favorite and simplest travel companions. But don’t let the small size fool you – it is tiny yet mighty! Its targeting vibrations come in 10 different settings, maximizing its potential and pleasure on the clitoris and your erogenous zones. One of the most ingenious parts of plusOne’s vibrating bullet is the inclusion of the finger-sleeve, a small silicone band that creates a cohesive way to hold the vibrating bullet without it slipping out of your hands. This allows you to have even more control over placement and enjoyment!

As a Sex Therapist, I know from my clients and firsthand experience how challenging it can be to advocate for your own pleasure, especially with a partner. The vibrating bullet is the perfect entry toy to use during partnered or solo sex; its small size, ability to be used in the shower or bath, and long battery life add to its versatility and accessibility. I suggest throwing this in your purse and seeing where the night (or day) takes you!

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bullet vibrator

our small but powerful vibrating bullet is sure to send you over the edge