butt plugs

Explore the enriching world of intimate wellness with plusOne®'s diverse range of butt plugs, meticulously designed for men, women, beginners, and couples. Our premium collection, including the vibrating plug, luxe vibrating plug, and the 3-piece plug training set, is your pathway to not only enhanced sexual pleasure but also to improved health and wellbeing.

Elevating Intimate Health and Pleasure: Our butt plugs are more than an exciting addition to your sex life; they represent a journey into personal health and sensual enjoyment. Made from top-grade silicone, each plug is tailored to provide unparalleled comfort and pleasure. The smooth, body-safe material is gentle, perfect for those exploring anal play, promoting pelvic and anal health through enjoyable stimulation.

Vibrating Butt Plug: A Symphony of Healthful Sensations: Experience a new dimension of wellness with our vibrating butt plugs. The plusOne® vibrating plug and luxe vibrating plug offer multiple vibration settings, aiding in muscle relaxation and increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. The luxe model, with its detachable remote, not only intensifies pleasure but also offers therapeutic benefits, ideal for couples seeking both excitement and wellness.

Beginner-Friendly Plug Set for Safe Exploration: Our 3-piece plug training set is designed with the beginner in mind, offering a gradual introduction to anal play. The varying sizes help you comfortably progress in your exploration, while the looped base ensures safe control and removal. This thoughtful design promotes a stress-free and health-conscious approach to anal play.

Prioritizing Comfort and Safety: The safety-centric design of our butt plugs ensures a secure and reassuring experience. The flared base is essential, guaranteeing that the plug remains safely in place. This feature, combined with easy removal, contributes to a healthy and pleasurable exploration.
Enhanced with Lubricant for Health and Comfort: Pair our butt plugs with a premium lubricant for a seamless experience. The right lube not only facilitates easier insertion but also adds to the health benefits by reducing friction and discomfort. Compatible with water-based lubricants, our plugs promise a safe and gratifying session.

Versatile and Hygienic for Wellbeing: Crafted from hygienic silicone, our butt plugs offer versatility in use and ease in maintenance. The waterproof design expands the possibilities for use, while simple cleaning practices ensure your health and safety are always prioritized.

Discover the Intersection of Health and Pleasure with Anal Sex Toys: At plusOne®, we're committed to enhancing your sexual wellness through expertly crafted products. Our collection of butt plugs perfectly merges comfort, stimulation, and safety, inviting you to discover the health benefits of anal play. Explore our range today and find the perfect butt plug to enrich both your intimate and health experiences.